Computing Facilities

The University of Richmond has a strong commitment to prepare students to work in technology- and information-centered environments. The University provides computers, software, and specialized equipment for student use in labs, public areas, classrooms, and residence hall lounges. All students in the residence halls have their own wired network connections, and the entire campus is blanketed with a high-speed wireless network that provides students, faculty, staff, and guests with secure access to a wealth of resources.

The University maintains a robust network infrastructure. A wireless network supports mobile computing in every building on campus, and provides coverage in most outdoor locations and public gathering spaces. Information Services maintains University-owned systems loaded with up-to-date versions of the latest software tools and anti-virus software. All users must have an active University computer account to log into any lab machine. To help ensure the security of the University systems and network, the University requires all users to change passwords regularly in order to maintain an active account. Policies regarding the use of technology and information resources are posted on the Information Services Policies website.

The ground floor of Jepson Hall houses many computing resources, including a general purpose computer lab; five PC classrooms with full multimedia capabilities; and two computer classrooms running Windows, Linux, and Unix designated for use by the math and computer science department. When classes are not in session, the Jepson Hall computer classrooms are open for student use. Jepson Hall is also the location of the Computer Help Desk, a resource that provides assistance with computing-related issues for the entire campus. A listing of the current hours of operation for all of these resources may be found on the Information Services website.

The Center for Technology Learning Center (CTLC) is a unique resource located on the third floor of Boatwright Memorial Library. It is devoted to servicing the multimedia needs of students, faculty, and staff. This area offers PC and Mac workstations equipped with high-end Web development, multimedia, animation, 3-D modeling, and audio-video recording and editing software. Scanners, high quality printers, large-format plotters, digitizers, and digital video and still cameras also are available. In addition, the CTLC contains a photography studio and a small recording studio. The CTLC also supports media production in the Media Resource Center on the second floor of Boatwright Library. Most importantly, the CTLC is staffed by professionals and well-trained student assistants are available to assist students, faculty and staff. Students not only have access to the hardware and software, but also to experts who can help them effectively use the specialized tools.

Technology training for students, faculty, and staff is available in a variety of formats, including books and CDs available in the CTLC and searchable through the Library catalog; online video tutorials; technology training classes offered throughout the school year; and one-on-one training sessions available through appointments at the CTLC. CTLC hours of operation and current technology training classes may be found on the Information Services website.